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Fast Track
NOUN [in sing.]
A route, course, or method that provides for more rapid results than
usual, e.g.: "a career in the fast track of the entertainment industry."

Normally, it would be near to impossible to book a private session with a Broadway, television, or movie professional. Broadway Bound International wants you to have FULL ACCESS to those that can help fulfill your dreams. Whether it's to perform on Broadway, dance in videos, or appear on the big screen, having that personal connection with someone who could hire you, recommend you, or steer you in the right direction is priceless. Knowing the right people is key, and BBI is here to offer you that opportunity.

To apply, fill out the Fast Track Application and mail it to BBI before the initial registration deadline. We ask that you answer the four questions to the best of your ability so we are able to create a session that best suits your goals. Please include with your application a video of yourself performing the craft in which you'd like your private session.

Once assessed, 12 applicants will be chosen based on talent, potential, enthusiasm, and technique. You will be contacted with the results two weeks prior to the event. Payment for successful applicants will be required at that time, in the amount of $235.00.

FAST TRACK includes:

  • A customized 30-minute private session
  • Permission to video record
  • A life-long contact

Types of FAST TRACK coaching:

  • Audition technique for tv/film acting: focuses on the interview, cold reads, on-camera technique and feedback.
  • Audition technique for musical theater: relationship to character, presentation, secret tips on how to get a callback.
  • Vocal coaching: appropriate song choices, how much to sing, how to sing it, where to look, styling advice.
  • Tap technique: your choice of MGM or Tap Dog style of choreography and technique.
  • Advanced Hip Hop choreography: your choice of advanced pop & lock, street, house, breaking, or freestyle.
  • Other: if none of the above appeals, then we'll help create a customized session for you.

Click here for FAST TRACK application form.

For further questions on FAST TRACK sessions, teachers, and procedure, do not hesitate to contact us: Click here.